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Rajasthan in India

October 21, 2017

MotorBike Adventures Of India was brought to life following an adventure into Rajasthan in December 2015.
This MotorBike Adventure Of India showcased to me just how stunningly beautiful India is…..not only as a country but also as a people. who cannot do enough for you?
MotorBike Adventures Of India brings to you videos, stories, photographs, legends, and pure dreams of adventures from years gone by.
MotorBike Adventures Of India will also soon be bringing you Adventure Tours under the name ‘Cobra Tours” so keep your eyes and ears peeled for these MotorBike Adventures Of India tours for 28 years I have been involved in tourism, from producing maps, guidebooks, magazines, websites, and most recently over the last 6 years video films about my travels with MotorBike Adventures Of Britain.
I want nothing more in life now than to travel various parts of the world, film them, photograph them, discover fabulous stories and share them all with the world.
I hope you like my MotorBike Adventures Of India in Rajasthan………start HERE with Adventures Of Rajasthan



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Kevin J. Lear
MotorBike Adventures

Hi, my name is Kevin and this is about my adventures! I use this awesome blog to tell people my story. Through all the places and things I see around the Britain and the world, there isn’t a better way to share my experience! Follow my updates and discover with me the essence of traveling, be it by MotorBike, car or on foot!

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